Since 1992, Alta Bulgaria Ltd. has offered high quality of food products, confectionery,
food for pets, products for your home and for your personal hygiene. The product
portfolio of the company contains more than 350 products, under its own brands or
exclusive representation.

OCEAN offers exceptionally high quality canned tuna, anchovies, seafood - suitable for both direct consumption and the preparation of various salads, sandwiches and other dishes.

OCEAN is distinguished by consistent and unchangeable quality in each tin and has been preferred as a top brand on the Bulgarian market for 17 years.

The brand can boast an international Qudal top quality certificate obtained through a vote. According to users, OCEAN is "Absolutely the highest quality on the Bulgarian market" in the category "Canned fish." You can see the this link .

Dolphin safe

An interesting fact about tuna is that it lives around the dolphins. The way of catching the tuna in OCEAN is dolphin safe - the fishes are fished with a bottom net to protect themselves from injury and to catch the dolphins. Marked on the label of each product in the series.

Why to choose tuna fish

Tuna is is an excellent source of vitamins B3, B6, B12. If you're on a diet, the tunnel is an appetizing marine alternative to chicken breast and calf steak.

• Improves cardiovascular health due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B, including vitamin B12 and niacin. Regular use reduces the risk of heart failure by 30%. Improves the electrical properties of the heart cells, protecting us from fatal cardiac arrhythmia.

• Only two servings per week can reduce triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol in your body.

• Regulates and controls normal blood pressure.

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